Hard working day.

Changed all 27 lights in this building. Every single one had to have the hole tidied up as the old holes were really badly cut and not round.

Hate hate hate!!!

When a system is getting false alarms it’s always really irritating. Thankfully this place has CCTV so we searched through the system and found sunlight streaming through a shutter door to be the likely cause.

We’ll see over the coming days.

Project “tidy up”

Today project Tidy Up really got kicked off. An old busbar system needs stripping and the building part rewiring (particularly the old IT system) so I thought I’d start at the disboard.

A lovely Schneider Acti9 fitted to replace a pair of old Crabtree C15 units, complete with RCBO’s where the circuits would take them.

Next week I strip out a load of rotary isolators connected to the busbars, with the eventual goal of totally losing everything on the ladder frame and shortening the box trunking.


I hate crimping these things. It’s so annoying when you think it’s all good and then you realise a pair of wires have jumped over each other.