Should I go vegan?

A couple of my friends are vegan. I’m vegetarian and have been for over 20 years now. I’ve never knowingly eaten meat or animal derivatives in that time.

I’m not a preachy hatey vegetarian though. I just did it because I never liked meat as a kid, and to be honest gelatine just grosses me out. The thought of eating marrowbone jelly and connective tissue makes me bilious.

I’ve recently been asked “why don’t you go vegan?”

Well I have thought about it, and dismissed it.

Even though of late I’ve found myself drinking more almond milk and heading away from milk products in general I still occasionally get a hankering for cheese, and I still love eggs, plus knowing the chickens who lay our eggs makes that better in my conscience.

Knowing the girls who run around the pen chasing you, and the cockerel who pecks your arse is very reassuring.

It’s as if we have a mutual relationship with the girls; they probably wouldn’t have a life if they weren’t running around that large pen owning the place. They’ll never be killed for their meat, and they’ll always be kept healthy.

My other big beef (get it) is my leather. I do love wearing leather. That is something that is a part of who I am. I’ve tried (and do actively wear PVC and latex) but there’s nothing quite like leather when it comes to warmth, dryness, and comfort.

No. I don’t think I’ll go vegan. I’m almost there, but I think the last hurdle is a hurdle too big for me.

Those aren’t eggs!

Frankie and Bennys breakfast this morning.

I think someone needs to explain to their chef that this is NOT an acceptable way to serve eggs. Rock hard, rubbery, solid yolks.

What amazed me was that they then though it was OK to send these on to a customer this way!

At least they had the good grace to refund me a couple of pounds, but really, I’m still quite disappointed that the system failed. I might add the hash browns weren’t exactly award winners either… I think The Meadows will get my next Gig Day breakfast.