Observatory works

Started the wiring in the Observatory today. It has turned into pretty much a full rewire due to the ground floor wiring being totally in the wrong places.

It’s a good chance to engineer in the emergente lighting to current regulations though.


These flat disc lights give a nice subdued light which is better for an Observatory, and with controlled switching and dimming they should be great for us.

Mark’s place

I lost my only brother two years ago today.

We have taken a visit up to “his place” both anniversaries since. We scattered his ashes there, along with the ashes of his dog Tilly who died just before he did.

It’s an old roundabout on the old A1 where he used to hang around during his motorbike days. Often called the “Magic Roundabout”. These days it’s been grassed over as the A1 has now moved about half a mile away and now been uprated to a full three lane motorway.

Each year we go, nature has reclaimed a little more of it. It’s lovely to see it so peaceful.

He had a very chaotic life towards the end. Vodka was his tipple of choice and it was also his killer. People ask why I rarely drink. Now you know why.

A summer of maintenance.

My bass gear needs a bit of TLC this summer.

My bass itself hasn’t been cleaned or maintained as well as it should be because we’ve had such a massive gig schedule; plus my case handle on the Warwick Thumb flight case is really badly broken and now hurts to carry the bass with.

My other case with the Rock Bass in it has all broken clips and gaffa tape really doesn’t look that good over them, although the bass itself isn’t too bad.

So… Plans… Stage 1 : The Warwick Thumb

1. Reposition and fit a new spring handle. Much comfier to carry long distances, plus I can balance it for the bass so it’s at the centre of gravity.

2. Clean this minging thing! Total clean, polish, new strings. Also, good service on the electronics with contact cleaner.

The next stage involves the Rock Bass and that’s next week.

One Mole for the Road

Yesterday was a day of celebration of the life of Adrian Price (Mole); drummer with Kingfisher Blue ; who sadly left us suddenly in January.

Ethryll had been invited to play as we are a fellow band in the same scene as Kingfisher Blue and have performed many gigs with the guys.

The gig was held in a small marquee at The Brothers Arms in Heeley, Sheffield. A pub with a beer garden featuring magnificent views over the valley. Such a poignant location as it was also Mole’s local.

It was a stunning gig and was also the first full 5 piece Ethryll gig with all the band together including new guitarist Jake.

It was also a perfect day to play our song Burning Blue which is about a perfect Summer day. As the festival continued we were treated to a magnificent sunset.

Quite a few pictures were taken – the gallery is below.

I suspect more photos will come in over the next few days so keep checking back!

Heat wave

And so it carries on… The heat wave. Thankfully I now have some new glasses with reactions lenses to try and take the glare out of the sun.

My prescription sunglasses are quite an old prescription and really aren’t very good any more.