Rain. Real rain.

Today is what is known as a “rainy day”. After 50 odd days with hardly any rainfall, coupled with temperatures in the high 20’s most days it feels amazing to get a change in the weather.

Especially now as Lancashire is under a hosepipe ban, this is such a relief.

So much cooler today!

At last this heatwave has broken. It developed into an intense burning heat yesterday afternoon which in turn became heavy thunderstorms.

From a rather horrible 30°C on Thursday we ended Friday with a very pleasant 18°C.

Today I actually felt like wearing leather, and sure enough I did.

I did try latex, which felt great after so long not wearing it, but it was still a little too warm to remain in it.

If you’re a latex wearer, what do you mix in with it?

A new van!

After much complaining from my poor wife, I’ve finally decided to sort myself a new van.

I have chosen… a Ford Transit Custom 2018 model. Not in orange though, it’s in “Blazer Blue”.

2 litre diesel engine. Should be pretty amazing to drive, especially compared to my rather knackered old Fiat lady.



Attempted scam?

A few minutes ago I received a barrage of texts, supposedly from Facebook.

Google translate did it’s best on them, and it looks like they were a bit scammy to say the least.

As a precaution I’ve changed my Facebook password and logged all my devices out of the platform. Hopefully I’ve beat any prospective hackers?