The end of the world again?

Yesterday was a very wet day. Storm Ali and Storm Bronagh sweeping in off the Atlantic.

First was Ali, on Wednesday; second Bronagh last night overnight (and indeed now whilst I type this). Both storms bringing with them wind and rain.

Yesterday however, the calm between the storms was nothing like. A band of rain pulled between the two of them sat across the country for most of the afternoon and evening and caused localised flooding and high rivers around Sheffield.

My usual 40 minute commute home from the site I was on took almost an hour and a quarter due to closed roads, queues, and some major floods.

Today should be a finer day, although there’s a loop out in the Atlantic which could twist up into another storm for Sunday to Monday.

Hannah is supposed to be going camping this weekend too. We’re not sure if that’s still happening.

As one franchise falls…

SimCity has all but died as a franchise. The latter ones haven’t really caught the spirit of the early games; however, Cities Skylines is a beast of a game adding so much to the original ideas of SimCity and making for a very wholesome game.

It’s pretty much how Planet Coaster killed the Rollercoaster Tycoon franchise really. The original was the best, but the later games lost their way – especially the horrible Android abominations.

Lifestyle change is the key.

I’m hardly the perfect advocate, but you know when you see those photos online of before and after? Well these are mine.

It’s just over 12 months since I began my lifestyle change from an unhealthy fat potato with plantar fascitis & knee pain to become what you see on the right.

It was the photo shoot for the covers band on the left which horrified me. I looked disgusting! I was enormous and in an ill fitting suit which at the time I actually thought looked quite good.

Now I can shop at normal shops, delve into the middle of the rack, and when I see something really unusual like the PVC suit from ASOS I can actually buy it off the peg.

It’s not a diet that did this; it’s a lifestyle change. Less food, more exercise. For me it’s about the high fat foods. I now have them as occasional treats and only then as a small portion.

This photo was the shoot taken with my folk band a few weeks ago. The transformation is unbelievable!

Dental work

Today I had my root canal work done.

It’s quite a few years since I’ve had dental work of any kind done after being screwed by two dentists who were then struck off; it tends to make one a little jittery.

Anyhow, after my teeth started hurting a few weeks ago I decided I really had to get something done as a matter of urgency so I registered with a dentist and I now have a list of work that needs doing.

Next time I’m in, in a couple of weeks time, I’ll be having my front teeth fixed, but for now I’ve had the nerve removed from the back tooth and it’s now filled to a decent level and ready to be prepared for crowning.

Rocking it!

I finally got to take a few photos of the new PVC suit today. It looks stunning!

What amazes me though is that this is actually for sale on ASOS website right now, for you to buy.

Is PVC making it more mainstream? I’d like to think so.