Those aren’t eggs!

Frankie and Bennys breakfast this morning.

I think someone needs to explain to their chef that this is NOT an acceptable way to serve eggs. Rock hard, rubbery, solid yolks.

What amazed me was that they then though it was OK to send these on to a customer this way!

At least they had the good grace to refund me a couple of pounds, but really, I’m still quite disappointed that the system failed. I might add the hash browns weren’t exactly award winners either… I think The Meadows will get my next Gig Day breakfast.


6 years ago.

Google reminded me that I was on tour with Manning doing two gigs over in the Netherlands and Belgium.

So many good memories, although just after this amazing tour was the beginning of the end for me. Manning started to fall apart after this tour. Chris and Kev left; Steve the flute player quit to concentrate on his own band Molly Bloom, and a new old guitarist came in who I didn’t get on with; then my dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer a few months later.

The vegetarian plague…

I’d love to get the message across to people that calling something a veggie burger and then cooking it on the same griddle as a meat burger isn’t actually correct!

These days I always ask “how do you cook it?”.

Jet Set Willy Trivia

Did you know that Nomen Luni and Under the Roof when joined together have an illustration of a plane crashed into the roof of the mansion?

It’s a reference to the Imagine game Zzoom, which featured planes dog fighting.

Matthew Smith was apparently burned by Imagine software, so he left a few bitch slaps in Jet Set Willy.

Nomen Ludi is “The Name of the Game” in Latin (which was Imagine’s motto). Nomen Luni is an obvious pun on that; although it doesn’t really mean anything in Latin but I like to think it’s The Name of the Loony.

I really love this pic.

I’ve been keeping an eye on photos of me from events etc. as I’m desperate for a new profile and avatar photo.

My old ones are either fat me, or my beard is really straggly and untidy. Now I’ve had it trimmed and I’m getting to Turkish barbers to look after it, I always look impeccable!

As for the outfit, well blue is my favourite colour and I love shirts in this particular shade of blue.

The jeans; yeah they’re latex. Deal with it.

Oh no!

Costa on Division Street in Sheffield has closed down!

When did that happen?

Blood Moons

Am I the only person who gets totally creeped out by Blood Moons in Breath of the Wild?

A Blood Moon rises once again. It’s a shame the reflection on the water is white. Nintendo usually excell at attention to detail too!

From the bright red moon rising with the halo, the creepy flute trill, to the sparks and black blobs rising to the eventual stopping off the game whilst the voice of Zelda tells you “The Blood Moon rises once again… be careful Link”.

The entire mechanic of the game is there for a reason. Because Zelda is now open world (and so much better for it) and the laws of physics now apply to many things such as trees, rocks, barrels and such, as well as mobs being killed really remaining killed – it would be very easy for the game to break itself if too much changed.

The game, therefore, has the Blood Moon mechanic which respawns all mobs, resets the trees and other movable items, and essentially reboots the world (although it leaves the completed shrines and the divine beasts intact).

The Blood Moon normally occurs after about two and three quarter hours of overworld play. Visiting Hino at the Duelling Peaks stable will confirm if tonight’s moon will indeed be a Blood Moon.

It’s also quite amusing to find that under the right conditions you can trigger one at any time; generally if you try doing something the game doesn’t like and the game detects anything in the physics which may break the engine and crash it, it will force a Blood Moon immediately.

I’ve noticed that the latter Blood Moon also puts you on flat ground too (I once had one whilst I was up a tree swinging a metal block at a camp of Bokoblins). I presume this is because your location may be what is breaking the physics?

Broken Astronomy

Amusingly, Zelda gets its moon very wrong. I can’t honesty think of a game yet which gets it right!

Zelda games have always had the moon opposite the sun in the sky, regardless of phase.

When a Blood Moon occurs it’s akin to a Lunar Eclipse on Earth, although the halo is more like the Corona of the sun visible during a solar eclipse.

In reality, only the full moon is opposite the sun in the sky.

The crescent should be about 45 degrees at from the sun, the half moon (dichotomy) 90 degrees away, the gibbous phase 135 degrees away, and the full moon (and Blood Moon) opposite.

The moon phases in BotW however are very random. Even Minecraft always puts the sun and moon opposite each other in the sky.

Cartoons can’t get it right though. How many times have you seen an evening based section of The Simpsons with a morning moon? The crescent is back to front!