Dental work

Today I had my root canal work done.

It’s quite a few years since I’ve had dental work of any kind done after being screwed by two dentists who were then struck off; it tends to make one a little jittery.

Anyhow, after my teeth started hurting a few weeks ago I decided I really had to get something done as a matter of urgency so I registered with a dentist and I now have a list of work that needs doing.

Next time I’m in, in a couple of weeks time, I’ll be having my front teeth fixed, but for now I’ve had the nerve removed from the back tooth and it’s now filled to a decent level and ready to be prepared for crowning.

Rocking it!

I finally got to take a few photos of the new PVC suit today. It looks stunning!

What amazes me though is that this is actually for sale on ASOS website right now, for you to buy.

Is PVC making it more mainstream? I’d like to think so.

PVC suit inspiration.

I’ve wanted a PVC formal suit for many many years. My inspiration was this rather horrible 1997 film, Bombshell. Frank Whaley plays the antagonist who for the latter half of the film is in PVC. It’s not a good fit, to be fair, but I became inspired.

To be fair, this movie is a bit of a shiny fest!

It’s terrible though. The acting is wooden, the plot is shambolic, and the general feel of it is cheap.