So Tumblr is cleaning up it’s act.

I’ve just had a message through that Tumblr is getting rid of all adult content at the end of December.

That’s 99% of it’s servers emptied then! I’ve never seen a bigger wank bank than Tumblr. It’s all porn!

I suspect they’re renaming it Tumblrweed.

Gig night

Last night’s private party was a rather good gig.

Ok, so the room was bijou – and as a result the stage area was very limited, but we managed to load in and set up in less than an hour, with a little more time to run through some of the newer tracks.

For the first set I wore the light teal suit… And even though I threatened to wear the PVC suit for the second set, I decided against it just because I thought the atmosphere wasn’t quite right.

It was, however, not an amazing hotel. It felt run down and slightly sad. The carpets and furnishings were worn and the bar was poorly stocked and under staffed. Looking at the Google reviews it seems I’m not the only one with this opinion.

Backstage was a cupboard by the way, although being a hotel I don’t expect anything more.