A Sartorial Post

Everyone’s doing these photo things… I thought I’d join in.

This is an outfit I’ve worn out a couple of times. It sort of mixes up looks and adds a bit of alternative in.

The photos on the right are details of the back pocket – yes they look like leather jeans, but actually they’re dress trousers. The back jetted pocket confirms that. They’re from BoohooMAN if you’re interested. Search “Faux Leather Trousers”. For pvc they aren’t actually too sweaty.

The middle photo is of my belt buckle. Those of you who are fans of Bones will know that.

The bottom is a nod to my nerdish leanings – my Galaxy Watch. I do love my smartwatch, although unusually, I prefer Tizen to Android. Android wear is a little too broken, plus the battery life even on the best models is still dismal.

I love Bones, but I hate it!

One of my favourite TV shows is Bones.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, it is an American drama based in a forensic lab at the Jeffersonian loosely based around the lives Temperance Brennan and her FBI partner Seeley Booth; along with the various group surrounding cast (Camille, Angela, Hodgens, Sweets, plus various interns).

It was quite unique in that for it’s entire 12 season run it kept pretty much the same cast.

The plot is different each week, telling of a body find; then the Jeffersonian team assisted by Booth and the FBI try and figure out what happened to the poor victim using Forensic Anthropology, Pathology, Entomology and various other scientific fields; however major story arcs run from season to season (sometimes many arcs at once) and various characters and serial killers reappear in various seasons (Pelant, The Gravedigger being just two examples).

So what do I hate about it?

Three things I hate about Bones…

Dr Bunsen Jude – The Body in the Bounty is possibly the worst character in the entire 12 season run. He is over the top, camp, irritating, over acting, and to be perfectly honest he makes me want to punch the screen through. He is supposed to be a Children’s TV presenter, but all the way through he is acting as if he is in character which quickly grows very thin and just increases my stabbyness.

Sammy Mills – for a different reason this one makes me hate the episode rather than Sammy. She is an intern who only ever appeared once. She’s overweight, and ergo, must be hideously clumsy and stupid. Of course, all the other interns are normal weight and thus must be smart and brilliant. As someone who has been quite badly overweight I find this annoying and patronising. I can’t actually watch this episode for this reason alone.

The Finder – An episode. Not a person. Why on earth when I buy 12 seasons of Bones on Google Play Movies do I get a “non Bones” epsiode right in the middle? Because Fox thought it would be great to advertise their new series to the Bones viewers. It failed. The Finder tanked and disappeared. I watched that episode once and thought it was pretty piss poor.

Sliding along…

When I first signed up for MySpace I decided I’d only add friends at first, but then relaxed the rules somewhat and allowed anyone who added me. D’oh. I’m still on MySpace, but don’t really use it any more.

Then a new fangled thing came along called Facebook… and the same happened again. All good intentions, and I ended up just adding anyone… then every couple of months I have a massive prune and get rid of loads of people I have lots in common with but don’t really know.

Now I’m tweeting… but this time with the combination of Twitter and Facebook I think I’ve got it right. Facebook is for people who sort of know me. Twitter is for people who I know personally or am good friends with because of something we share a close common interest in… it seems to work for me anyway. I have 400+ facebook friends and about 30 or so Twitter friends and I don’t lose track of who is who.

Now onto quote of the day – from David Boreanaz of Bones, Buffy & Angel fame… “I fucking love leather pants”. Right on brother! – I concur.

Embarrassing Bodies?

I’ve just watched a little bit of Embarrassing Bodies, brought to you by the very Danish Christian Jessen (pictured left).

Now the question is… if you had a little problem with your brown hoop which meant it needed to be cut up in a rather severe way… would you go on national television and show the world your balloon knot?
It takes a special kind of person to do such a thing.
Just as it takes a special kind of person to wear such an ugly shirt as the one he was just wearing… it resembled an accident in a Blackpool Rock factory.

Big Balls!

Why is there something really amusing about watching the American public utterly humiliate themselves on national television?

I’m talking Total Wipeout of course (known as just Wipeout in the USA)

Watching people bouncing across giant foam obstacle courses reminds me of school sports days… except Wipeout has less tears and injuries… or perhaps a polite nod back to the classic It’s a Knockout without the daft costumes, jokers and the hyena cackling that was Stuart Hall – the man who single handedly made it watchable (although the less said about It’s a Royal Knockout the better).
The thing that really makes it for me though is the presenter John Henson who at the end of every episode says – quite straight faced – “And Big Balls”.
I doubt that means quite the same in US speak, but I know what it means over here and it’s definitely titter-worthy.
If you haven’t caught onto it yet – I’d suggest you give it a go, but pass on the UK version. It’s just not as mean, although the giggling of Craig Charles certainly does make it O.K.

Science IS fun!

I’ve just finished watching Jim Al-Khalili presenting the programme Chemistry: A Volatile History on BBC4. It was absolutely engrossing especially when covering what could become a very boring subject (think Open University 1970’s). A great presenter… and why does his surname make me think Alkali?… hmmm…
I am so relieved that we in the UK have such an amazing organisation at the BBC when it comes to producing such stunning programming as this, after all, which commercial broadcasters and producers do you know who would even touch something like this with a bargepole?
Now, doubters, you think the licence fee isn’t worth 4 channels and loads of national and local radio?