One way street… Idiot.

I heard honking and looked up to see this.

This stupid mare had tried to turn down a one way street and was having to do a three point turn on the tram tracks.

I know we all make mistakes, but there’s dumb and dumber.

Samsung Watch

A random discussion I’m sure you’ll agree, but yesterday I saw that the Rotherham branch of CeX had a Samsung Watch in stock.

I’ve had a Huawei Watch 2 for a few months now I’d been little dissatisfied. I bought that from the Barnsley branch of CeX and it was not in great condition when I bought it, but the biggest problem was the Android Wear platform.

Whilst I love Android, I think Google have really not put much effort into Android Wear. It’s laggy and very half baked. The Watch 2 really demonstrated this to me – I sometimes spent a few seconds looking at a black screen whilst an app loaded, often wondering if the screen had actually turned off and I needed to press one of the buttons again.

I missed the rotating bezel of my Galaxy Gear S2 – indeed I still often chose the S2 over the Watch 2 just because it felt more developed and professional.

I decided to take the plunge therefore, gathered together a few bits and pieces and headed down there with the goal of coming away with the Galaxy Watch.

After finding my stuff on their system and giving me what I considered to be a decent price I decided to go for it. It would cost me just over £20 for the upgrade – and yes I know I paid £279 for the watch, which is the retail price, but it is actually new. It still had the plastic protection all over the sides and front! I can only presume someone had got the free one with the phone deal earlier this year and not wanted the watch.

The test time was 2 hours, so I went and did a few other bits before heading back and finalising the deal.

Last night was also the mince pies event. It happens every year at a friend’s house and has become the “it’s Christmas” starting gun for us these days.

Whilst I was out earlier I collected my PVC suit from work, as well as my sprout shirt – but then I chickened out at the last minute and just went with the sprout shirt.

It has to be said that’s a very tasteless shirt!
The event itself is quite a laid back affair, although we did Skype with people not in the country anymore (some in Spain, one in the USA).
As a final note – Budweiser Prohibition is actually really nice

The day after

So the dentist’s visit went well. My dentist (who it has to be said is the best dentist I’ve ever had) put some local anaesthetic in my gum, then after sending me to the waiting room for 10 minutes whilst the anaesthetic took called me back in.

He drilled a hole in the back of the tooth where nobody would see it and relieved the pressure on the abscess (it was a squirter!). He then packed the hole with medicine and wadding, before applying a dressing to plug the hole.

The relief was immediate and although it still throbbed for most of the afternoon and evening I could feel the pain subsiding with every hour that passed.

This morning the pain is all but gone although if I tap the tooth I still get a buzz of pain to remind me that it’s still an infected tooth.

In a couple of weeks I’m having it opened up again and the dead root will be removed and filled. I’ve been advised that I might need a veneer or whitening in the long run as incisors have a tendency to darken once they’re dead and sadly neither treatment is available on the NHS as the NHS provides only essential care and not cosmetic care, which to be honest I agree with as a policy.

After all, the NHS is skint! I’d rather the remaining money be used to keep people out of pain or alive rather than looking pretty.