Strangefish Progress Report

I just thought I’d do a little update on my progress learning the Strangefish material.

Since being asked to join the band back in October, and subsequently meeting them in December I’ve set to the task of learning a full 2 hours of music.

The task is made a little easier by the fact that for the earlier material which has been on my playlists multiple times I’m really au-fait with the songs and the changes.

The later stuff, on the other hand, is still quite fresh in my mind; plus I do hold the bassist on the material in very high esteem – Carl is a great bassist and somewhat of a different style to me; hence that being a challenge.

What also didn’t help is the run of gigs we had up to Christmas with Face The Music which meant either I didn’t have a 5 string bass at home, or I was learning new stuff for that band.

Anyhow, I’ve set to it now, and I’ve created a playlist of the stuff.

I’ve now got a good handle on about 40% of the stuff I’ve got to learn… Not bad for just 2 full weeks really on it.

In case you’re wondering, I’ve sussed “Oceans Deep”, “Shifting Sands”, “Listening to Ghosts”, “Up to You”, “Holiday”, and “This is Me”.

This truly is an interesting project though, and I certainly put the songs far and away above an anything I’ve had to tackle before! They’re busy, interesting, and definitely hard work!

I don’t normally enjoy Boxing Day…

I always think it’s a bit of a let-down after the high point of Christmas Day. Yesterday, however, I rather enjoyed it – I think because I did things!

Rather than laze around the house all day doing nothing I decided to go to the unit, then walk on to Retail World… Supposedly to avoid the traffic.

That was a silly idea! The traffic was ridiculously quiet. I couldn’t believe there were spaces all through retail world.

So, I bought Hannah some kitchen scales (she sent me… I came back with the most expensive – I always do), and I got myself a genuine Samsung dual wireless charger. After previous cheap chargers and wasting money on ones which wouldn’t charge my watch even though they claimed to be Qi chargers I decided to just get the real deal.

It has to be said my outfit today was pretty outrageous too…

The t-shirt was a present from Hannah. In case you don’t know anything about it, it’s a Jim’ll Paint It of the Chuckle Brothers doing the Hello head in the style of Ghost. It’s a real old mix and match of pop culture references.

The trousers are quite striking too. They’re silver, extremely slim fitting, and I can’t believe I can actually get into them. It is testament to how much weight I’ve lost really!

They’re a 36″ waist, for the record, and the t-shirt is an XL.

Now it’s important not to go back to my old ways this Christmas, and to get plenty of exercise!

I’m working tomorrow. That should help.