Classic film!

After last night’s rather good gig in Thornaby, I’ve settled down to watch Gremlins 2.

One thing that always fascinates, though, is that at the very end of the film Billy & Kate both walk away from the building and look absolutely impeccable.

I own a couple of pairs of light coloured trousers/jeans and yet I can’t even walk near a wall without ending up with a dirty patch on the leg.

Billy Peltzer, on the other hand, fights dozens of gremlins and gets covered in exploding gremlin glop at multiple points in the film and yet he finishes the film perfectly pressed.

I cry shenanigans.

It’s gig day!

So why am I up so early?

I hate it when this happens. I’ve got a late night ahead (probably about 2am), and I’m up at before 8.

I’m out with Face the Music tonight. We’re discussing the future and new projects/sidelines (after all, I’ve got enough of my own). I think we might decide to call it a day as FTM, the project has pretty much run it’s course.


Jesus I need this weekend.

Oh fuck. I’m gigging tomorrow with the covers band.

Oh well.

Strangefish sold a CD today. Pub time!

Exploding panels

When you install a fire alarm, get virtually all the way though installation, then the loop just disappears and it overheats.

Yes. That. It might not have helped that a few devices have been waterlogged and had isolators triggering.


Found this yesterday. It wasn’t immediately obvious where the problem was but after a bit of testing it revealed itself.

Back to the Towers

Another trip to Alton Towers yesterday. A brilliant day, although the weather didn’t hold very well and broke as rain in the afternoon.

Queues were much shorter than the ones in March when we were here last.

My birthday present from Mike and Endora was spent on a season photo pass hence me not taking many pictures.